Children's Magic Price

A fun-packed routine with large pictorial cards depicting the bold letters A B and C. The B vanishes and turns into a bumble bee, the audience being STUNG at the end! The outfit is beautifully silk-screened in many colours and is mechanical in working.

A real professional showy outfit Three glittering jewels from a slender jewel box vanish one by one and then return. Then the jewels magically vanish and reappear on a beautifully decorated cut-out crown. Entirely made in wood and nicely spray painted. With routine.

Classic Supreme kids effect with large pictorial cards. The farmyard (folder) is shown empty and placed aside. The different farmyard animals are shown (Lots of funny business here), the cat vanishing. It reappears within the farmhouse folder but in doing so, pops and up down, round the sides to the delight of the children. Ten minutes of sheer entertainment. 

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