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The Anti Gravity tumbler using three tumblers, three silks and a clear transparent tray. Everything can be examined. Three tumblers with silks inside, magically adhere to one side of the tray. Silks are removed. Then tumblers adhere to the opposite side. Can be shown at all angles. Comes complete with tumblers, silk, trays and a very special 'gimmick' - plus instruction booklet.

Here's a classic prop for all types of audiences. Large wooden die placed inside the wooden cabinet should vanish, but the audience see the performer tilt the apparatus (and hear the sliding door too). Continual fun and suspense here. Finally, all four doors of the cabinet are opened to reveal the die has really gone. It reappears elsewhere. 

Four different lengths of ribbon pegged pegged to the top of an open-fronted wooden frame on display. Spectators, one at a time, select colours (using the aditional, mechanical wooden strip stand and plaques). Each coloured ribbon mysteriously snaps off the frame and flies into the air. Special frame, wooden strip stand, plaques, ribbon lengths, pegs etc.

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