Puppets and Ventriloquial Characters Price
SANTA CLAUS (FATHER CHRISTMAS) A splendid novelty figure Ideal for Christmas shows but equally good all the year round
WICKED WITCH Figure is in fluorescent green with hooked nose and chin wearing a tall witches hat.
SPLIN WIN The Chinese Magician who spins a plate at the end of a long stick. There's a full routine supplied together with two plates. 
WIZ WAZ WOO THE WIZARD With hooked nose, goatee beard, and pointed ears, wearing a tall cone hat and cabalistic decorated robe. 
HANGMAN Dressed in black and wearing a mask. Can also represent Batman or a hold-up man.
FAIRY PRINCESS Blonde hair, blue eyes, dressed in white with an overlay of white net Complete with detachable fairy wand. 
MR PUNCH'S HORSE a beautifully made horse which can be a tremendous feature in any R&d programme. Made from wood, fur fabric etc.
BLACK OR WHITE BOXER Dressed ready for the "Fight" with boxing gloves. Can be a tremendous novelty feature during a P & J show.
SKELETON IN THE DUSTBIN Tony Green's stunning novelty. A skeleton popping up and down from a dustbin, A novel routine.
MR ARAB Made in the style of the late Wal Kent. Mr Arab wears a fez and is an amusing looking character Can be used in the magic show.
SAILOR SAM Hand dressed figure of a sailor. Good P&J novelty. As supplied with "Oceans of Fun
BIG CHIEF RUNNING WATER Made like an Indian Chief to add excitement and novelty to any P&J show.
BUSTER BUNNY A great rabbit puppet, ideal for you to include in any P&J show. As used by Tony Green in his own Punch show.
SNAKE CHARMER AND THE SNAKE Authentic looking Indian gentleman, large snake rises up from the playboard. Set of two puppets.
SNAKE Snake charmers snake only. Fine novelty for the Punch and Judy show.
EDWIN'S SUPREME SWAZZLE Mr Punch's squeaky voice

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