Silk Magic Price

The performer displays four 18" rainbow silks, counting them singly. Dramatically the four silks are magically transformed into one GIANT sunburst silk The silks are unprepared yet there are no 'pulls', pocket silks or the like. Complete with all necessary silks and routine.

Beautifully made apparatus, all in wood and professionally decorated. Several coloured silks removed from die gold rod within an upright frame, magically vanish from inside a wooden Cabby. When the front door of the frame is reopened, the vanished silks are now seen tied and knotted along the rod (no silks supplied) 

Four different coloured silks are removed from a plaque which bears the picture of a butterfly. Vanished within a plastic beaker, the silks not only return to the butterfly but magically change into one large rainbow silk. Special plaque" silks and special beaker.

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