Established in 1953 as the Supreme Magic Co., and now known as Magic Supreme Ltd, our collection contains many years of magic history. We are now pulling back the curtain, and hope you will join us on this great adventure back in time, and into the future!


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Magicians Supplied, at least!

So after its beginnings in 1953, by the 1960s Edwin Hoopers’ Supreme had become the single biggest influencer, innovator, and manufacturer of magic all around the world; over 75% of tricks being exported worldwide to thousands of international magicians.

Each release of the Supreme Catalogue would shape and dictate magical trends throughout the years; carving the Supreme label into magical history as a pivotal creator and producer.

Eventually after a number of changes through the years, we acquired Supreme in the 1990s as Magic Supreme, and have been trading quietly ever since. Now though, we hope to offer more access to the amazing world of Supreme magic products.

We will, however, not be dealing wholesale.

Our First Release 

The first Supreme collection we released online – in 2021 – focused on the Morrissey Magic label.

Founded by Herb Morrissey in 1959 the Morrissey products capture vintage innovation, playful technique and a timeless spin on trick execution. The famous “Morrissey Cups” are recognised worldwide, representing master Canadian craftmanship and a piece of magic history. 

Latest Additions