Established in 1953 as the Supreme Magic Co., and now known as Magic Supreme Ltd, our collection contains many years of magic history. We are now pulling back the curtain, and hope you will join us on this great adventure back in time, and into the future!


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“I started buying props from Paul at Magic Supreme a few years ago. I can 100% recommend that all props received are in absolute brand new condition even though they have been in storage for years. You will not be disappointed by the quality and workmanship, and the finish on the wooden items is amazing. The Supreme Magic Company really was the best, and you can see why even after all this time. Highly recommended. 5 stars from me.”

- Carl Campbell MMC


“I was a customer of the original Supreme in the 1970s and was delighted to find this website with so many familiar items. That includes numerous metal work pieces from Morrisey Magic. Supreme and Morrisey were mainstream back in the day; every magician owned props from their work shops, and today they represent history as well as commercial magic. I have made one purchase, intend to make more, and I was very pleased with the service.”

- Roderick Mulgan


“Great to be able to buy some lesser-seen items of the magic and variety world and some true classics. Great service!”

- A happy customer, UK


“This was the only place where a rare magic apparatus was for sale, and for a very good price too. It was delivered fast and very very carefully wrapped. The prop (Morrissey Welsh Rarebit Pan) is of superb quality; top manufacture, material, operation… The communication of the store is great and very willing. This was my first but for sure not the last order from this store. Highly recommended!”

- Gabriel Szabo


“The Punch and Judy puppet you sent me is second to none; one of the best examples I have seen. It is fantastic to see one of the UK’s finest and most historic magic shops still in business selling exquisite and rare pieces from its archive.”

- A happy customer, UK


“The Morrissey cups are exactly what I was looking for, and I am glad I found them at Supreme Magic (Magic Supreme). So I even discovered other great products for working magicians as for collectors of quality vintage magic props. The Morrissey cups are very nice to handle; not too heavy and just the right size to handle in close up working situations. I even bought several sets; not only for my collection but to be sure that I will always have a set to work with. The crochet balls that come with the cups & the combo sets are perfectly adapted. I even bought some balls for my other cups & balls sets. Thanks for the quick delivery to France and your support to get the parcel through customs.”

- Yurgen, France


“I found the team at Supreme Magic Co (Magic Supreme) to be friendly and personable. They provided a prompt and efficient dispatching of products, and I was delighted with the quality of the goods when they arrived. Look forward to buying from Supreme again in the future.”

- James, UK


“Brilliant service. Fast delivery. Nicely packaged. Great quality billiard ball set. Friendly helpful communication. Highly recommended. Thank you.”

- Ritchie Rosson, UK (original review on Facebook)

We continue to add more and more from the warehouse.
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Latest Additions

Our First Release 

The first Supreme collection we released online – in 2021 – focused on the Morrissey Magic label.

Founded by Herb Morrissey in 1959 the Morrissey products capture vintage innovation, playful technique and a timeless spin on trick execution. The famous “Morrissey Cups” are recognised worldwide, representing master Canadian craftmanship and a piece of magic history.