1″ Crochet Balls – Set of 2 for Chop Cup (multi-colour options)


Original hand knit crocheted balls by Morrissey, available in various sizes, sets,  and plain or multi-colour options. This listing for multi/tri-colours only.

Chop Cup pair: One mag ball, one plain ball.

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For cups and balls, chop cup loads*, and more, these colourful crochet balls made by the Morrissey Magic Company in Canada are second to none for their quality.

These pairs comprise of one magnetic ball and one non-magnetic ball.

In various colours and sizes, please choose from the available selections and add to basket as required.

There really isn’t all that much to say about these balls to be honest; we could spin some exotic yarn (see what we did there?) about there origin and the finer points of handling, and perhaps a story of how they came to become really good cat toys, but that would simply be for the purposes of filling out this text space, and that would be silly… You know what they are and what they’re for, and being Morrissey, you know they’re good.

The colour of the product received may vary slightly. Although every effort has been made to replicate accurate colours in the photographs, this ultimately depends upon the resolution and calibration of your screen.

Sizes are approximate.

To give a visual idea of each size, here are some pictures of each size against the now universal tool of measurement for magicians… the lid of a Sharpie®.

Morrissey Crocheted Balls Morrissey Crocheted Balls Morrissey Crocheted Balls Morrissey Crocheted Balls





*combo and other sets sold separately.

Original text from the Morrissey catalogue:

Cork balls covered in top quality wool. HAND MADE. The perfect balls for manipulation, Dai Vernon’s “BALLS IN NET”, or CUPS & BALLS, etc.