Bat Block
Bat Block
Bat Block

Bat Block


Nothing can contain Batman's bat, we tell you. NOTHING!

Classic adaptation of Cube-Off.

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Batman just doesn’t seem to get old…

Notes from the Supreme paperwork (included):

Here is one of the finest block releases ever, now performed with a block decorated with Vampire Bats and with a cover depicting the Vampire himself, making a dramatic adult presentation possible. The same trick with the currently popular ‘Batman’ used for its theme, makes the effect an interesting and entertaining one to even young audiences.


A decorated tube is shown. The top of the tube is open and has a cut-out so that the audience can see into it, and through it. The front and back of the tube also have large cut-outs at the top. A wooden die which can be examined, has a hole through its centre. This block is placed into the tube where it becomes visible through the cut-outs at the top and sides.

Next a wooden rod is shown and impaled right through the centre of the die. Whenever he wishes, the magician can cause the solid state of the die to magically penetrate right through the rod! Everything can once more be freely shown.