Beware of The Dog

Beware of the Dog


A simple, cheeky, but effective piece of work that will really get the kids going, and probably the grown-ups too if you play it right!

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It’s just a piece of paper, right? Well, not quite. Lots of fun to be had with this and similar effects.

From the Supreme instruction sheet:

Len Belcher

All rights purchased from Roy Baker by The Supreme Magic Company Ltd., 1977


The magician shows a notice bearing the words “Beware of the dog”. As he tells a story of a farmer’s boy who was instructed to place the notice on a board in a field, he folds the notice up.

When the notice is unfolded, it is seen to be upside down!

The notice is again folded and again when reopened it upside down. This is again repeated with the same result. When doing it once again however the notice changes to a picture of a MAD BULL!