Bolo The Wizard & Percy
Bolo The Wizard and Little Percy puppet set
Bolo The Wizard & Percy
Bolo and Percy Bryan Clarke

Bolo The Wizard & Little Percy – puppets and props


A rare item for Punch & Judy performers and/or collectors.

by Bryan Clarke

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For booth performances (Punch & Judy) this is a miniature magic show. Featuring both Wizard and Percy puppets, this now rare set comes with a levitating table and other magical apparatus.

Original description from Supreme Catalogue No.39:

The old wizard asks for the assistance of a small boy from the audience. He is hypnotised, he floats, etc. Two excellent hand-carved puppets, all props and routine.

Please note that in order to use this prop to its full potential, you do not need to be a member of The Magic Circle.

Both puppets made and signed by Bryan Clarke.

Bolo and Percy Bryan Clarke