Canary Cats

Canary Cats


Devious little bird...

A great little card effect!

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A nice little effect with jumbo sized playing cards*…

From the Supreme instruction sheet:

…five individual cards are shown – four cats, and one canary. The canary is buried between the other cards, some face down and some face up. Now try to find the canary. When you think you have him, it turns out to be a hungry, grinning cat! At the finish, all cards are shown to be cats. The canary has vanished! But, as soon as the cats are out of sight, he makes his appearance from where you’d least expect to find him. A big surprise finish to a most mystifying trick.

The cats and canary are nicely printed. Black cats with red tongues!-Yellow and black canaries.

Size of cards, 4.1\2″ x 7″ – Regular Jumbo card size.

A good trick for stage or close-up performance. No skill – no practice. Self-contained. Do it in a few minutes.

The enclosed document includes other presentations, for both young and older audiences.

* Please note these cards are of a vintage style and as such are not a laminate finish.