Card Tripod (COPPER) – Morrissey


The Card Tripod by Morrissey; for classy restorations, transpositions, vanishes, reveals...

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This is beautiful piece of magical apparatus and its implausible simplicity belies the ingeniously undetectable method. The pristine copper has a luxury weight and feel to it that speaks clearly of its quality. These Card Tripod props were originally manufactured in the early 1970s by the esteemed Morrissey Magic company in Canada, and were supplied under license to Supreme. As more of these delightful items appear from the stock room we will make them available, but there isn’t an endless supply… and they will never be made like this again…

The original Morrissey product description:

A classical prop, beautifully made to enhance any close-up presentation.


A miniature table and cover are shown. A card is selected by a spectator. The card is torn into six pieces, a corner of the card is retained by the spectator. The remaining pieces are placed on the small copper table. The cover is placed over the table, instantly removed, and – miraculously – the selected card is now restored, except for the missing corner, which is held by the spectator. The piece held by the spectator fits the selected card perfectly. A true close up miracle!

The card tripod may be held by the spectator during the performance.


Approximate measurements
Assembled height including handle:
115mm (4 12″)

Height without lid:
85mm (3 38″)

125mm (4 78″)