Morrissey Chop Cup in Aluminium
Morrissey Chop Cup in Aluminium

Chop Cup – ALUMINIUM – Morrissey


A "must have" for any chop cup workers; this "all time great" cup packs small and plays big!

Here is your RARE opportunity to own one of the last of its kind.

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A true classic in the chop cup genre, the Morrissey chop cup has been much sought after since going out of production; get one while you can!

We are very pleased to have discovered a small number of them in the Supreme warehouse, and present them here for you. This is the standard sized aluminium cup that uses 1″ balls and can take a final load the size of a tennis ball, lemon, etc. Each cup comes with the requisite balls* and a drawstring bag.

The cup measures approximately 3 18″ tall (80mm) with a 3 18″ (80mm) diameter at the rim.

*Select from available included ball colours. Extra/alternative balls may be available in our Crochet Balls section.