Chop Cup Climax by Supreme
Chop Cup Climax by Supreme

Chop Cup Climax – Sponge Cake!


A Supreme exclusive, these little cup cakes are a great fun finalé to a chop cup routine or as a "load" for other props and routines.

How about a tray full!?

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These mini sponge cakes will load comfortably into the larger (regular) “Morrissey Chop Cup” (as pictured), and will need to be compressed to fit the “Chop Chop Combo” cups, etc.

Original text from Supreme paperwork:

Now at last… the perfect climax to any Chop Cup routine or Cups and Balls routine. Alternatively this specially made item can be used in conjunction with lots of production props etc.

Squeezes up small, can be easily and quickly introduced into the CHOP CUP anytime during the routine but as a CLIMAX…

These special cup cakes can be easily secreted within the hands meaning that they can be magically produced from someone’s jacket pocket, or from inside someone’s handbag, “What a funny thing to have in your pocket… or handbag”.

These never crumble, never go stale, never make a mess, yet always appear as the real thing.  Produce several from a Dove Pan, or just a couple from a Chick Pan… cake-baking is so easy when using these fake ones.

Approximate measurements
Diameter:  65mm (2 12″)
Height: 45mm (1 34″)