Crazy Card Trick
Crazy Card Trick
Crazy Card Trick
Crazy Card Trick

Crazy Card Trick


Original Factory Sealed

A nice big visual trick for the stage, but we think it could be hilarious in the close-up environment too!

Nice cheeky force included in the notes too... 😉

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This trick just gets bigger and bigger!

A simple  effect yet full of comedic potential.

Extracts from the original Supreme paperwork, as provided:

Here is an item which is the ACME of COMEDY and one of the greatest laughter-raising novelty effects ever offered to the fraternity. We supply you
with a book which unfolds into a large poster, showing a number of different cards in the process in an an attempted divination of a chosen card…

The final card revelation measures approximately 500x800mm (31 12″ x 19 12″); it’s really big! (one of the images shows a standard card against it for comparison)

PLEASE NOTE: Playing card suits and values may vary.