Crooked Dice

Crooked Dice


A great transformation/deformation effect with a twist before "the twist".

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There are a great many transformation/deformation magic effects on the market, and this is no exception. In fact THIS one has an extra trick up its sleeve…

Not only are you able to demonstrate your “powers” – or of course those of your spectator – by crushing the die out of shape (and restoring it if you’d like), but before that happens you can tell how many dots have been thrown without touching the die. And no, it’s not the “rule of 7”…

A great addition to any close-up set, and perfect for casino themed acts.

The dice measure 18mm (3/4″).

The pictures show the same “crooked” die from different angles. These crushed dice were hand made and as such version is a little different in every packet.

From the included Supreme paperwork:

A funny mystifying routine with a plastic die. Die is examined yet you are able to tell a spectator the total “spots” he has thrown! When you “explain” to him how it’s done he is more befuddled than ever! The spots on the die change… a six becomes a three, the three a two… It’s all very convincing, and leaves the spectator with the impression there is something really “funny” about the die used. “Maybe you think the die is Crooked” says the magician – “I can assure you it IS.” The die is tossed down onto the table for a spectator to examine and it really is crooked, BENT, TWISTED AND DISTORTED IN A CRAZY MANNER!!! It really makes their eyes pop!