Whack a tube into a cube and see what happens...

Mallet included!

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A bit like getting a square peg in a round hole, but not… This is a great trick with a large wooden die and a mallet. Now who doesn’t like wielding a mallet on stage, let’s be honest.

This is a wonderful trick credited to Arthur Setterington, and one that doesn’t seem to get old…

Extracts from the Supreme instruction papers (included):

A Supreme Exclusive Effect! Originated by Arthur Setterington

The effect is unusual. The magician shows a large wooden die. In addition to this he uses a small tray, an empty wooden cover, a round metal cylinder, and a wooden mallet.

Having shown the die, this is placed inside the cover, which is placed on the tray. On the top of everything is placed the metal cylinder. Magician takes up the mallet, taps the cylinder, and it is seen to be descending into the wooden cover with each tap of the mallet, finally disappearing completely inside the cover! It must have penetrated the die!

The performer lifts the wooden cover and shows it to be empty. Lifting the cover has revealed the cylinder standing in place of the die.

The cylindrical tube is raised to show the die… Surprise! This is now also cylindrical in shape, having conformed to the tube! A fantastic novelty idea!

The cylindrical die can immediately be lifted up and banged on the table and proved solid!

What more can we say? It’s a real hit!

To get a feel for size, the die is a 105mm cube (about 4 18″)