Morrissey Small Aluminium Cups
Morrissey Small Aluminium Cups
Morrissey Cups
Morrissey Cup Sizes (illustration)

Cups (SMALL / ALUMINIUM) – Morrissey


Three cups in classic Morrissey aluminium.
These are the slightly shorter size.

Bag and balls not included.

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Think Morrissey, think Cups and Balls! A classic of the Morrissey product range, the three cups are almost iconic in the magic world, and here we have a classic set in aluminium.

These are the smaller version that Morrissey originally labelled as “Mini”; slightly shorter than the standard “Large” size cups.
An illustration of the dimensions is just below, and a larger “zoomable” copy in the bank of images above.

Instructions/routine, drawstring bag, and balls are not included in “cups only” sets.
Have a look at our range of crochet balls if you need them, and add them to your order!

The original Supreme product description:

Morrissey Cup Sizes (illustration)

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