Cups & Balls / Chop Cup Combination (LARGE / ALUMINIUM) – Morrissey


Think Morrissey, think Cups and Balls!

And what's more, think Chop Cup! This is a great combo set that comes with all required balls* to begin work immediately.

*Ball colour may vary.

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Think Morrissey, think Cups and Balls! A classic of the Morrissey product range the three cups are iconic in the magic world, and here we have a classic set in aluminium, including one “chopped” cup. With this single set of cups you can therefore perform a full three cup routine or just use the one in your favourite chop cup presentation.

These particular cups are the “Large” size made by Morrissey in their time tested aluminium.
An illustration of the dimensions is just below, and a larger “zoomable” copy in the bank of images above.

Balls included: x4 including one for the chopped cup. Colour of set may vary.

Extra balls in different colours and sizes available here.

The original Supreme product description:

YES – We have combined two great close-up effects. THE CHOP CUP and the classic CUPS AND BALLS. You now own the necessary apparatus, however we do feel you should have a previous knowledge of both effects. If you do not possess this knowledge, you may refer to the many fine books and magazine articles available. The following is a very basic routine, hints, ideas, suggestions, thoughts, etc.

Morrissey Cup Sizes (illustration)