Daffy Dots


Daft by very effective, this piece of magic created by John Yeager packs small and can play really big, with some big laughs along the way if you play it right!

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Created by John Yeager, this is a compact, colourful, and quite daft but very effective piece of magic for all audiences. This prop takes up only a tiny amount of space in the case; in fact slips easily into a jacket pocket.

From the Supreme instruction sheet:

Another Supreme Exclusive!
Here’s a different sort of a sucker trick, – it packs flat in your case, it’s small and lightweight yet it’s big enough to be used on-stage, clever enough to be used in the parlour. It plays for several minutes… what more could you ask for?

Well, it’s easy to do, it’s a ‘no skill’ sort of a trick that’s great for children or adults. Interested? Then read on…

A simple plaque is shown, 12″ x 3.1/2″, on it are four coloured circles… three circles are bright green and the top one is a brilliant red. You explain that the object of this rather interesting puzzle is to cause the red spot to travel from the top to the bottom of the plaque, one circle at a time!

You place the plaque behind your back for a moment, immediately bringing it forward, and the red spot has moved down one place… it is now second from the top!

Again the plaque is placed behind your back and when brought into view, the red circle is now third from the top. Once more the plaque goes behind your back and now when brought forth, the circle is at the very bottom!

If you wish, the effect can be repeated, the moves being gone through, eventually bringing the red circle back to the top again! Certainly by this time, and possibly well before, the audience will have “caught on” to the fact that the changes are effected through a series of moves of either turning the board over, or end for end, in order to bring the red circle to the desired position.

The board is placed behind the back again… the audience is asked where they would like the red circle to be or where they think it could be… the board is brought to the front, the magician covering one circle with his hand. When he uncovers it, it is seen that there are now four GREEN circles all in a line! Plaque is then turned over and is shown to have FOUR RED CIRCLES ON THE OTHER SIDE! A big surprise finish!