Dan The Magic Man And His Magic Van
Dan The Magic Man And His Magic Van

Dan the Magic Man and His Magic Van


Original Factory Sealed

Bold and colourful, this trick was top of the shop when it was released a few decades ago. It hasn't aged at all though, and can be easily reworked to suit the current climate of home deliveries (hey, just a thought...)

We love Dan and his van!

In stock


Nice and visual and easily adaptable to your own script, Dan and his van are on the way to some great shows…

Plus, NO reset required!

Dan’s van gets a respray, or two…

Extracts from the original Supreme paperwork, as provided:

Tried and tested before thousands of children, in ‘at home’ birthday parties, Holiday Camps children of all ages), hotels, schools and outdoor attractions – on every occasion THIS super effect scored HEAVILY and was voted by the children as a definite HIT!

You’ll love it – the children do!

Van measures 300x190mm (11 34 x 7 12″)