Devil Ribbon Penetration


Original Factory Sealed

A ribbon melts straight through!

We don't have photographs of this effect in use, unfortunately, but we might be looking for three volunteers...

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A fabulous penetration effect that will get any audience’s attention. Adaptable of course to other similar materials/products, but this is the original gear…

Extracts from the original Supreme paperwork, as provided:

Based on Supreme’s original Ribbon Illusion, this is a penetration effect that has plenty off flash, colour and audience appeal.

A penetration illusion using your own assistants or spectators from the audience. Three spectators are invited to assist and they can examine all of the simple properties used. A loop of wide silk ribbon with rings at either end. Two lengths of a narrower ribbon of a contrasting colour and a silk handkerchief of a third colour. The ribbon loop is passed around the girl’s waist and the girl herself ties the handkerchief around the ribbons behind the rings making everything secure. The only way to remove the loop from around the girl would be to untie the silk.

Through the rings the other lengths of ribbons are threaded and men hold the ends of these, one in each hand.

Now! On the count of three the two men pull on their ribbons and the girl takes a step backwards. The audience gasp with astonishment and surprise as the ribbon loop visibly passes right through the girl leaving her unharmed!