Die Through Silk Surprise - Kellini
Die Through Silk Surprise - Kellini
Die Through Silk Surprise - Kellini

Die Through Silk Surprise (stage size)


Original Factory Sealed

A large die penetrates a large silk IN PLAIN VIEW.

A simple yet devious piece of work with a kicker finish.

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Originally conceived by Kellini in Norway, this larger version of his original was licensed and made by Supreme. A simple but devious “device”, this is a highly visual piece of magic.

Extracts from the original Supreme paperwork, as provided:

Resting on a 36″ silk is a die some 4 34″ square; die is black with white spots.

Magician shows a small red cover and drops this over the die. He lifts up the four corners of the silk and holds these in one hand. Now slowly he begins to lift the silk bundle containing the die and cover from off the small tray on which it rests and as he does so, the die is seen to penetrate right through the silk. But surprise! — The die is now plain black… all the spots have vanished from it!

Magician draws attention to the fact that the silk Is quite intact and forms a perfect drumhead over the cover from whence the die
has magically passed. The silk is removed from the cover and displayed with a flourish, cover being tipped mouth upwards during this.

Suddenly, for a stunning surprise climax, the contents of the cover are tossed towards the audience… THE MISSING SPOTS SHOWER FORTH FROM IT!

The die/cube is approximately 125mm (5″) square.