Doodie The Duck
Doodie The Duck

Doodie The Duck


Ducks are just funny, right?

This duck has a slightly different skillset to Dippy...


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You know there’s some fun coming when the duck comes out, and this duck has a surprise up his.… sleeve?

Over to you Doodie!

Extracts from the original Supreme paperwork, as provided:

A surprising twist on the card in balloon effect that leaves them guessing – and laughing! A balloon is inflated and attached to a square egg connected to the base.

A chosen card is vanished and Doodie the Duck is asked to find the card. Doodie pecks at the balloon – it bursts, but no card appears! Give him another chance; he might do better next time. A second balloon is inflated. Again Doodie bursts the balloon. Still no card! Somebody goofed. Did Doodie lay an egg!? No – for suddenly the chosen card appears sticking out of his tail! The sudden appearance of the card is most unexpected.

Easy to work. Can be done anywhere. Doodie is lacquered and with an orange bill. Mechanically perfect. Complete with routine.

Doodie is about  310mm (12 14″) long, and about 215mm (8 12″) tall.