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DOUBLE LOAD dove pan in copper finish. It's gorgeous!

Morrissey's copper finished products have the most amazing look about them, and these pans are absolutely no exception.

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Another classic from Morrissey! This is a stunning looking dove pan; made in gleaming copper it will add a real touch of class to your act. Produce all manner of items from within, TWICE!

Silks (as pictured) are not included.

Original text from Supreme paperwork:

The most common use for the PRODUCTION PAN is for baking a cake routine. You show the pan empty and mix in the various ingredients to make a magic cake. Flour, salt, sugar and of course the special ingredient magic fluid, (really lighter fluid) and when a match is thrown into the pan it bursts into flames and the cover is quickly put on to put out the fire and when the cover is removed there is the magic cake. This can of course be cut into pieces and served to the guests.

For a smaller production or close up show the CHICK PAN is ideal, for a larger show the DUCK PAN is recommended.

If you need a super production of a full size dwarf rabbit or maybe five doves from the same pan the SUPER PAN is best and largest PRODUCTION PAN available.

Uses for the production pans Produced by Morrissey Magic Ltd. are unlimited and many ideas are presented in a book entitled DOVE PAN-O-RAMA by Bruce Posgate and available from Morrissey Magic Ltd. or your favorite magic dealer.

Approximate measurements
Assembled height including handle:
130mm (5 18″)

Lid diameter:
180mm (7 18″)

159 x 68mm (6 14″ x 2 1116″)
155 x 55mm (6 18″ x 2 316″)
150 x 48mm (5 78″ x 1 78″)