Drumhead Tube (Brass) – Pocket Size


This little beauty is perfect for close-up magic; bar work, strolling, table magic...

Made entirely from brass, this mini drum head tube feels really good to handle.

Silks and tissue not included.

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Packs small and plays big! This is a very sturdy little prop that packs a real punch in performance. Once the requisite practice has been done and your patter sorted, this is a real jaw dropper for any audience.

Silks (as pictured) are not included.

Original text from Supreme paperwork:

Here is a delightful old conjuring classic now available once again.
A small tube is shown empty, a piece of paper is placed over one end and held in position by a small ring. In similar manner, the other end of the tube is treated, audience being permitted to see into the sealed tube until the very last moment.

Tube can be held by a spectator or placed in full view.

Magician shows his hands are empty, picking up the capped tube and showing that the paper at each end is still intact. Now, however, when he punctures the paper at one end of the tube, he is able to remove from it a previously vanished silk, or long silk ribbon, or anything else which has previously been vanished.

The Drumhead Tube can also be used for a very clever mental item. A number of small billets are placed into the tube, which is completely sealed up, spectator assisting in shaking the billets back and forwards. Now hole is punctured at one end of the tube, spectator taking any one of the few billets which are tipped from tube onto a plate. This billet is the one which you have previously predicted.

Approximate Measurements
Diameter: 40mm (1 916″)
Length: 100mm (2″)