Morrissey Double Load Drumhead Tube
Morrissey Drumhead Tube
Morrissey Drumhead Tube

Drumhead Tube – LARGE


This classic of magic is a real crowd pleaser, and being made entirely from aluminium is lightweight and easy to handle.

Silks and tissue not included.

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A true classic that packs a real punch in performance. Once the requisite practice has been done and your patter sorted, this is a real jaw dropper for any audience. Predominantly for silk productions but you can make all manner of items appear!

This version is the larger size, originally sold as the “Dove Drumhead Tube”.

Silks (as pictured) are not included.

Original text from Supreme paperwork:

EFFECT:  A metal tube is shown empty and passed for examination. Both ends of the tube are capped with tissue paper and rings. Magician breaks thru the tissue and proceeds to produce
many silk hankies.

Approximate Measurements
Diameter: 98mm (3 78″)
Length: 248mm (9 34″)