Morrissey Dye Tube - End Types
Morrissey Dye Tube - End Types

Dye Tube (rolled ends) – Morrissey


For such a simple product, the quality of this is exceptional.

Taped style, with rolled ends.

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This rolled edge* dye tube is of the taped variety, and fits the hand perfectly. Manufactured in Canada by Morrissey, this is another quality product brought to you by Supreme.

Silks not included, but available separately.

Original text from Supreme paperwork:

Hand Model (tape)
Made in Canada for Supreme – Instructions by Barry Laymond

Magician pushes a silk into top fist and it emerges from the other side in different colour. Both hands may be shown empty before and after the effect, if desired.
You will also need two silk hankies, you can either use 12″ or 18″ size. The two silks must be of contrasting colour.

Approximate measurements
Diameter : 25mm (1″)
Length: 60mm (2 38″)

*Rolled edges as opposed to straight cut – please see illustration images above.