Elusive Rabbit
Elusive Rabbit

Elusive Rabbit


The single box version of Elusive Rabbits (note the "s"); this can be done in the hands.

It's a glorious looking prop!

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Now this is a gorgeous looking piece of equipment; we know you’ll cherish it! Elusive Rabbit is a timeless classic, and works beautifully for the younger audience. Mind you… the older ones seem to quite enjoy it too!

PLEASE NOTE: This is not “Elusive Rabbits” (note plural) with two covers. This is the single version; just the one cover, but still all the magic!

Notes from the Supreme paperwork (included):

This outfit is specially made for the ‘single presentation’. It consists of the one single rabbit inside the tall slender top hat box. Same quality as the ELUSIVE RABBITS using two, but with a different finish.

Worked in the hands rather than on top of the table, the rabbit is shown to be white. It’s covered with the tall tube and secretly (and very suspiciously) reversed for all to see. When the cover is removed, the rabbit is seen to be black! This is repeated several times, until the audience are telling you that you are turning it around.

The climax comes when the cover is lifted and shown empty and then when the rabbit is finally reversed, it is a two-colour one, partly red, partly yellow. What a finish! What a routine!

It can of course be worked on a table, but the ability to do this in the hand is a brilliant option!