Farmyard Frolics
Farmyard Frolics, the cat
Farmyard Frolics, the cat's gone!
Farmyard Frolics

Farmyard Frolics


A real blast from the past!

Here come the animals, but where goes the cat!?

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An absolute classic from the Supreme stable; from the whole farmyard in fact. With all the fun and games that go with making animal noises in front of children, this is a sure-fire audience winner. But wait… Has anyone seen the cat?

Notes from the Supreme paperwork (included):

This is a lot of effect from quite  small props. If you will work this trick and ‘play’ it as detailed, we will guarantee your audience reactions for you as that of HILARIOUS DELIGHT.

PLEASE NOTE: This version features a satin coated farmhouse card and gloss animal cards.