Flag Bag
Flag Bag

Flag Bag (UK)


Let's get the flags out!

This product also available in Stars and Stripes.

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A change bag and transformation bag all in one.

From the original Supreme paperwork (included):

A novel notion by Edwin, here’s something that can prove to be perfect children’s entertainment. (P.S. You can use it in your adult show too!)

In performance, a spectator is invited to assist you and you show a small cloth bag inside and out to be completely empty. Three silk handkerchiefs are shown, one red, one white and one blue, these are handed to the spectator who is asked to give you these one at a time and you place them inside the bag…

From the bag you produce the three silks knotted together, go on to have them magically separated by a spectator, and after another “spell” in the bag, the bag is turned inside out to show that the silks have vanished but now the bag is decorated on both sides with the Union Jack Flag!