Fogel's All Clear Force Bag
Fogel's All Clear Force Bag

Fogel’s All Clear Forcing Bag


A heavy duty clear force bag; comes with 33 effects!

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Another utility prop from the Supreme warehouse, Fogel’s All Clear Forcing Bag allows the open selection of a chosen billet.

Bag measures approximately 300 x 200mm (12x8”) with its opening along the short end.

The enclosed booklet provides a wealth of information; several great routines and uses for the bag.

From the included Supreme paperwork:

How often have you come across excellent magical effects, of various types, which depend on the force of a card, word, number, colour,
etc. In most cases, the instructions ask you to force the required item by “YOUR FAVOURITE METHOD”, and because you may not have one, the item
lies on your shelf.

Now, “YOUR FAVOURITE FORCE” our “ALL CLEAR FORCE BAG” will solve this.

It is so SIMPLE, and STRAIGHTFORWARD, so easy and trouble-free. It is a large TRANSPARENT plastic bag, made from heavy—weight plastic. The bag is completely transparent – so innocent in appearance – yet so cleverly deceptive. A SPECIAL ADDITION allows you to use the bag, COMPLETELY SURROUNDED right under the audience’s noses.

What makes this a very special piece of apparatus is the fact that with each one we give you this whole booklet of marvellous routines and now including FOGEL’S ETERNAL TRIANGLE and we give you dozens of effects using the bag.

Use it with coloured beads, counters, coins, newspaper cuttings, billets, keys, it really is quite FANTASTIC!