Funny Funnel – Morrissey


Another Morrissey marvel!

Adding water (or milk, etc.) to your act is a direct route to laughs, gasps, and tremendous applause. This comedy funnel is superb, and easily operated.

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Funnels such as these are a timeless source of comedy and can be adapted to countless variations in performance. These finely crafted versions by Morrissey Magic of Canada are spun in aluminium and measure approximately 8″ (200mm) across the rim and a similar length from rim to spout. Simple to use, and the instructions even provide guidance on refilling during performance!

Used in conjunction with other props or its own, the Morrissey Comedy Funnel by Supreme is a sure-fire way to get laughs from your audience.

Original text from Supreme paperwork:

Explained and edited by Barry Laymond

This is a most humorous comedy effect and one which you can use in a number of ways.

A POPULAR EFFECT with the funnel is to have a boy up to assist you, giving him a drink of water or lemonade. Tell him that you forgot that you required the liquid for another trick which you were to perform. Tell him not to worry, because being a magician, you can put everything right.

Pick up the funnel, which you can show empty, placing it against the boy’s elbow. Fold his arm back so that you can do this. Get him to hold his other arm straight, and this is worked up and down just as though it were a pump.

It is a good idea to get a second boy up to do this pumping business, or to hold a glass under the funnel, the liquid stopping and starting as the opposite arm is pumped.

By using a Supreme Wonder Glass, or a Milk Pitcher, it is possible apparently to pour milk or any coloured liquid into the boy’s ear, having this flow via the funnel from his elbow, or from his other ear, as you wish!

By inserting the funnel into the top of a clear glass bottle, it is possible, using a Milk Pitcher or Wonder Glass loaded with milk, to effect a magical change, the milk being apparently poured into the bottle via the funnel and changing in the process to beer or water!

Supreme ‘Funny Funnel’ is always good to include in the children’s show, always being productive of laughter.

It can also be effectively incorporated into any drink routine, being used in conjunction with any of the many excellent liquid effects which are obtainable.

Approximate measurements
Max diameter:  162mm (6 38″)
Height: 160mm (6 516″)