Morrissey Giant Dove Egg
Morrissey Giant Dove Egg
Morrissey Giant Dove Egg

Giant Dove Egg – Morrissey


It's a big egg. Giant, actually.

About the size of an ostrich egg, this could easily add some extra hilarity to your act!

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Just as it says up there, this is a giant egg! It comes in two halves, and its original use was/is for dove work. Your imagination will doubtless make this an amusing addition to your act if you want to produce all manner of other things. Made from spun aluminium the egg is very light, and has a small monofilament loop attached for retrieval from inside your cloak (because you wear a cloak, right?).

The original Supreme product description:

A tremendous novelty and a big hit for any programme.

After the magician has produced a number of doves, the audience are led to believe that another dove is on its way, but they are in for a great surprise! The magician reaches into the folds of the silks he holds and produces an egg, but – wait a moment, – this is no ordinary egg but a giant one, 7″ long by 5″ diameter. A big laugh which changes to a gasp of astonishment as the egg is broken open to reveal a real live dove inside it.

Giant Dove Egg can be produced from a top-hat or a production box.
It’s a big novelty. To see it is to want it; to buy it is to add an instant hit into your act.

(with instructions, ideas and routines by Ian Adair)

Approximate measurements
Length: 170mm (6 1116″)
Diameter (widest): 125mm (4 1116″)