Henrietta Hen & Chukky Chicken puppets

Henrietta Hen & Chukky Chicken – puppets


For Punch & Judy performers, other puppeteers, and/or collectors, these bonkers birds come as a pair.

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Two hilarious bird brained character puppets for booth (Punch & Judy) and other performances.

These are bonkers, and their bills make a loud “clap!” when snapped shut.

Sold as a pair.

Original description from Supreme Catalogue No.39:

A feature puppet interlude for the Punch or magic show. The very appearance of these crazy, zany-looking puppets creates unstrained laughter. Both the figures “cluk” and “clack” as they open and close their beaks. Henriette Hen is made from top quality woodwork, lacquered orange, white, black, blue and red, and with a white fur-fabric body. Chukky Chicken is lacquered orange, red, black, white, blue and green with a bright yellow fur-fabric sleeve. Both have a large mouth movement. Ideal for vent. You will think of many ways of using these puppets. As featured in Tony Green’s book “Puppets with Punch”.

Puppet makers creating products for Supreme at the time of manufacture were the highly renowned Tony Green, Joe Parsonage, and Bryan Clarke.