Supreme Indian Water Cups

Hindu Water Vases – Morrissey (& Indian Water Vases by Supreme)


Two tricks in one!

The original Morrissey Hindu vases and routine with the Supreme marketed routine "Indian Water Cups".

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These water vases are a fantastic addition to any stage or parlour act. In our exploration of the warehouse we have discovered two variations; The Hindu Water Vases being the original Morrissey product and routine, and The Indian Water Cups with a different routine as marketed by Supreme. As both routines use precisely the same set of cups, we will include the instructions for BOTH acts when you buy this product. One of those routines is shown below; the other one enables the display of  ALL FIVE cups!

This nest of cups measures approximately 6.5″ (165mm) tall and 3.75″ (95mm) across the rim.

Original text from Supreme paperwork:

Here ‘s a great effect! Three handsome metal cups are shown most convincingly empty, one at a time. It is also shown that the cups fit one inside the other, leaving no space between them. The magician picks two of the cups and is able to pour water, beer, lemonade or any liquid from one to the other! This is repeated with the third cup! The magician then shows three glasses filling each of the glasses in turn, for each cup now contains a glass of liquid!

Used in an adult show as a production of three glasses of beer, the effect is hard to beat. For children’s shows three glasses of lemonade can be produced with equal effect. Another notion is to pour out many different coloured cocktails and drinks from the three cups into a number of glasses, passing these out to the audience.

Approximate measurements
Max diameter (nested):  95mm (3 34″)
Height (nested): 162mm (6 38″)