Humpty Dumpty Egg Bag


Humpty Dumpty's off the wall!

A novelty version of the "egg bag" with two mini Humpties.

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A novelty Egg Bag for a fun and colourful addition to children’s shows. A great collectors piece from the Hawkesworth range of products made for Supreme.

Original text from the Supreme instruction sheet:

This is a novel Egg Bag but made in the form of a Humpty Dumpty puppet!

The bag is turned inside-out and shown empty, then a miniature Humpty Dumpty appears, an egg with a cute face on it. All the usual Egg Bag routines are possible. At the end, you can load a supreme ‘Limp Chicken’ into the bag for a funny finish, or you can produce a Joke Fried Egg from the bag.

Ideal for the ‘tiny tots’ and a great novelty for any programme.

Two plastic eggs provided.