I Scream! Ice Cream!
I Scream! Ice Cream!
I Scream! Ice Cream!

I Scream! Ice Cream!


Everyone loves ice-cream and that's what the story is all about...

Created by Bill Lainsbury, this great prop will have your audience screaming for the ice cream!

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A lovely flat-packed and simple to operate piece of kit that’s absolutely perfect for the summer season…

Takes up no space in your case!

A Bill Lainsbury creation…

Wording from the Supreme catalogue (Cat. No.39):

A great ‘turn it around’ trick that’s another Supreme exclusive. Wonderful for kids’ shows. Everyone loves ice-cream and that’s what the story is all about. A large flat cone changes from vanilla to strawberry and back again and there’s a surprise when the ice-cream cone is now striped pink and white. Finally, when turned over again, there’s a colourful cut-out of th clown at the circus where they were selling the ice-cream. Complete with full routine, a real winner for any children’s entertainer. silk screened in Supreme style.