Indian Cups and Balls – Morrissey


An absolute delight from Morrissey Magic, and much sought after...

Pack small, play big! These tiny cups will easily fit into your pocket, and play big on the table!

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These little cups are very special indeed! Much sought after for many years, we have unearthed a small stock of Indian Cups and Balls sets made by the magnificent Morrissey Magic in Canada.

Small and stackable, this exquisite set of cups will fit easily into a pocket, and don’t require much in the way of performance space. It should be noted that in addition to the supplied items, a small piece of carpet or other suitable “cushioning” is required to perform the final loads in the published routine (all loads are provided). This is detailed in the full instructions (provided of course).

Cups measure approximately 1 34″ x 1 34

Original text from Supreme paperwork:

THE INDIAN CUPS you now own are manufactured to the exact size specified by CHARLIE MILLER.

Extracts from instructions are reprinted from “Genii, The Conjurors Magazine”, MAGICANA. Reprinted with full permission of Bill Larsen and Charlie Miller, many thanks to both Bill and Charlie.

The performer places a small rug on the floor or carpet and shows three small cups. Three balls are shown and are placed under the cups. Several remarkable things happen – the balls jump from one cup to another, they pass through the air invisibly and appear beneath the cups. Finally, they multiply, increasing in size until the last three are too large to fit inside the cups.

About two and a half minutes.

Approximate measurements
Diameter (each cup) : 47mm (1 78″)
Height (each cup): 45mm (1 34″)