A cut and restored effect that's a little bit out of the box...

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An excellent “cut and restored” effect.

Extracted from the original Supreme paperwork (included):

Here’s the very latest version of ‘Clippo’ specially designed for the children’s entertainer. Ideal for performance in front of small and large audiences. Great for magicians, children’s entertainers, comperes, clowns, etc.

The performer displays a cut-out picture of a Jack-in-the-box! With the participation of a child from the audience, Jack is cut in half… aaaah! – he’s only made of paper, the two pieces being placed together and before you can say ‘Jack-in-the-box’ … just like magic … Jack is restored!

And, if that’s enough, the cut-out strip is again cut into two at another position. It’s flicked open again and it’s restored. Third time lucky – No! The performer tries it and he fails, ending with the same two pieces he started with. So the child has the final try, Jack being cut into two, placed together, trimmed for tidiness and restored like magic.

Each “pack” includes 15 die cut characters, only one of which is used in each performance.

PLEASE NOTE: A small amount of preparation is required here, with the use of some rubber solution/cement (not supplied).

These paper characters measure approximately 600mm (23 58″) long/tall.