Lucky Cat Puppet

Lucky Cat – Puppet


For the Punch & Judy performer or collector.

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Lucky Cat character puppet for booth performances (Punch & Judy).

This black cat is as black as a cat can be black. And that’s black. With an elevated tail and big green eyes to be-luck all those whose paths may be crossed… or not.

Original description from Supreme Catalogue No.39:

A great novelty to introduce in your Punch & Judy or puppet show. A black cate with an extra-long tail which is wildly animated! Cat’s head is made from wood (just like a regular Punch & Judy figure) but covered with fur fabric as is the whole of the body. Lucky Cat has fluorescent green eyes, white markings, pink ears. Made for professional use. You’ll use him alongside your With puppet, or he’s great to use at any time, bobbing up and don to the annoyance of Mr Punch or Joey!

Puppet makers creating products for Supreme at the time of manufacture were the highly renowned Tony Green, Joe Parsonage, and Bryan Clarke.