Magic Perfume


The ORIGINAL effect by Harry Stanley.

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This is a Harry Stanley effect originally marketed by Supreme as an exclusive, by arrangement with Harry and the Unique Magic Studio. It has since been re-worked and released by other suppliers, but here’s the original product.

The plastic cards provided are roughly poker sized and come in a slip case. Colours of the slip case will vary.

Wording from the Supreme catalogue:

You’ve heard of the “magic spell”… well, this is the magic “SMELL”… for, with this cute little trick, you demonstrate
your amazing ability to detect various perfumes by touch. You show eight cards, each illustrated with a different bottle of perfume. You now turn your back and, mixing the cards thoroughly (behind your back), ask any spectator to take any one of them.

You now ask to be allowed to just touch their selected card… and when you do so (remember all this happens behind your back), you sniff delicately at your fingers, and announce the name of their selected perfume!

To prove that it’s no guessing matter… you REPEAT it over and over again!! Besides the mystery… we provide lots of gags that will get you lots of laughs. This will be one of your favourite stunts. No sleight of hand… entirely mechanical.
Complete and ready to work right away!