Melt-Away Snowman
Melt-Away Snowman
Melt-Away Snowman

Melt-Away Snowman


Much festive fun to be had with this vintage water production trick.

Who'd have thought a snowman could melt in his own portrait!?

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This is fantastic feat of physics!

A rolled poster is unfurled to show a jolly snowman, but he looks a bit chilly… Best roll him up and give him a little warmth. Not too much though. Oh too late! He’s melting!

Water pours from the rolled poster… is snowman ok? Unfurling the poster again the snowman has melted away into a wet mess on the floor!!

You can save the day though, and restore him back to his frosty glory.

This vintage product is quite easy to handle, but you’ll need your own water, and probably best to have a bowl handy…