Money Bags

Money Bags


A "spring" prop that not only looks like a bag of swag, but SOUNDS like one too.

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These spring props are made to look and sound like bags of money,  with a “£” on one side and a “$” on the other. Yes, they SOUND like bags of money!

From the original Supreme paperwork (included):

A great novelty production item which fits in well with many, many themes…

…these really do appear to be bags of money, approximately five inches in diameter and about nine inches high. There’s a sign on one side of the bags and a $ sign on the other.

Each will fold almost flat, yet open instantly when required, and because each one has a number of metal discs inside, the bags can be clinked and the “coins” heard clinking inside them.

These bags, when “open” measure approximately 220mm (8 58″) tall and 110mm (4 34″) in diameter. See pictures to see how well they squeeze down (to roughly an inch).