Morrissey Multiplying Coins

Multiplying Coin Tray


Simple, slick, and SO good.

Coins not included.

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What a great prop this is. Simple in its operation but SO effective in performance. A very old principle brought to life in an innocent looking circular metal tray, this is set to confound your audience with a miracle happening right under their noses.

The tray measures approximately 7″ (180mm) in diameter.

Pictured coins not included (that’s our lunch money!).

Original text from Supreme paperwork:

Here’s a fine old classic of magic! Many routines are possible, for example, the performer can count coins onto the tray; these are tipped into an empty hat or into a spectator’s hand, but when the coins are counted they have multiplied in number.

Also good for bank note effects, billet switches, etc.

The tray can be used on its own or in conjunction with the Passe-Passe Money Tray. Apparently you do not even touch coins and yet they vanish from one spectator’s hands and appear in another’s.

Approximate measurements
Diameter : 177mm (7″)
Depth (total): 15mm (5/8″)