Multiplying Corks


A great multiplication effect using recognisable items.

No need to empty the bottles, here's a few corks to play with.

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Multiplication effects are a  classic and visual presentation of magic, and this one is no exception to the latter using familiar looking items. Great for bar work and restaurants, in addition to just about any other kind of show, these multiplying corks can be routined in conjunction with out Silk to Cork effect (also available, while stocks last).

From the Supreme instruction sheet:

A Harry Leat effect purchased by The Supreme Magic Company.

The performer lifts up a bottle of wine, looks at the label, takes a drink and displays the cork. Suddenly, and most visually, it multiplies to two, this second one appearing between the fingers.
A third and fourth cork appears and all four are displayed between the fingers. They can be made to vanish one by one again, the final one vanishing completely.
Alternatively, the magician can produce EIGHT CORKS displaying these between the fingers of BOTH hands!!!

For that last bit, you’ll need two sets of course!