Multiplying Hand-Knit (Crocheted) Balls – Morrissey


Another classic form Morrissey Magic!


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These multiplying balls come as a complete set of red crocheted balls with requisite shell along with a white ball as a kicker to your routine. Being crocheted, the knitted covering provides an excellent learning grip for the beginner, and a supreme level of confidence for the more experienced performer.

Ball size approximately 38mm (1 12″)

Original text from Supreme paperwork:

YES! – WE HAVE DONE IT!! THE “MULTIPLYING BALL TRICK”, manufactured in “HAND KNIT (CROCHETED) BALLS”. Another first for “MORRISSEY PRODUCTS”. We have had this item in mind for many years, on the drawing board so to speak. Many magicians and magic dealers expressed a keen interest – SO – we finally made them.

Many books have been devoted to Billiard Ball manipulation, also we feel that if you have bought this set you do have a previous knowledge of the general working, therefore we will only give instructions for a basic routine, the basic sleights, plus a few bits of business for the more knowledgeable magician.