Paper Cutting by Eric Hawkesworth

Paper Cutting by Eric Hawkesworth


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Eric Hawkesworth was a prolific writer of magic and other publications for Supreme. We are very pleased to be able to offer a selection of his original works, which are fully illustrated by both Eric and Margaret Hawkesworth.

Book measures 210x135mm (8 14″ x 5 516″)

The dust cover notes read:

Paper cutting is a simple creative art well within the scope of young fingers; it is ideal for classroom projects, requiring the minimum of skill and materials.

The exceptionally clear diagrams and lucid instructions show in step-by-step detail how the basic paper strips and squares are folded, marked and then cut out to produce a wide variety of novel designs. Newspaper is the standard material used but there are suggestions for extra effects using coloured or foil papers.

There are ideas for linking the cut-out shapes to illustrate stories, for example, the Pied Piper of Hamelyn, and the author gives basic patter outlines for several stories.