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Passe Passe Bottles – Morrissey


Another class act from Morrissey Magic!

Unruly bottle tricks are absolute classics and sure-fire reputation makers. This product is no exception!

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It doesn’t get much more classic that this… This set of two bottles and tubes provides a wonderful moment of pure fun; performed perhaps with knowledgeable control or with ab utter confusion as to what on earth is going on, the visual magic of these bottles is hard to beat. What’s more, you can pour a drink when you’re done!

Bottles measure approximately 12″ (300mm) in height.

Original text from Supreme paperwork:


Magician shows two tubes, one bottle, and one glass. The bottle and the glass are each covered with a tube. Upon the magician’s command they change places; this is repeated a number of times. Finally the magician pours himself a drink. This is a classic effect, the true success of your performance depends upon presentation, the handling is simple.

Approximate measurements
Tube (outer) Diameter : 115mm (4 12″)
Tube Length: 318mm (12 12″)