Pavel’s Yellow Knotted Rope


A wonderfully visual effect performed with just a piece of rope and a clear plastic tube...

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Who doesn’t love a beautifully executed piece of rope magic? Well here’s something of old, from a master of the craft. We’ll just leave it to the original paperwork to explain…

All who have seen the colourful, unusual act of the brilliant young Czechoslovakian magician, Pavel, must have marvelled at the beautiful effect of the knots magically appearing along a length of bright yellow rope as it was pulled through a transparent plastic tube.

They will recall the admiration and tremendous audience response that the trick invariably produced – whether it was from lay persons or from experienced knowledgeable members of the magical fraternity.

Now we are very proud to offer this effect to our customers as a Supreme Exclusive.

IN PERFORMANCE, the magician takes up a length of rope and a clear, obviously empty, transparent plastic tube. He places an end of the rope through the tube and begins to pull the rope through. Surprise! – for suddenly, as the rope emerges, a knot appears.

The knot appears as the rope passes the portion of the tube held by the magician’s hand.

One by one, five knots appear, evenly spaced along the rope! The tube is still empty and is placed to one side. Magician very carefully and deliberately unpicks the first knot to show that this is a genuine knot and then unties each of the remaining knots.

Rope is coiled in the hands and suddenly pulled out once again, when it is seen that the knots have reappeared back along the whole of its length.

Straightaway, the rope could be thrown out for inspection, if you so wished!